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Delayed Album Release…

The non-profit “Past 2 PRESENT” album will be available for download before Christmas 2012, CD purchases will be available from the start of the new year.

“As much as I want the physical album released in time for the Christmas post everything is not yet complete & I could not forgive myself if I did not finish this properly.”

The album has been a number of years in the making with help from some very talented artists on the collaboration front (Tim Sanders, Mimic Of A Mind, Jennae) – on the other side of things there have been a great many setbacks but rather than go into details about what has held things up lets skip forward to what is going on right now…

AORPETE working in the new studio.

“Right now things are going really well – over the last two months I have done more quality recordings & productions than in the whole of the last two years; I have better equipment which makes a huge difference – when I am being creative I can just get straight down to it without the hassle factors of bad software, hardware, faulty equipment & all the other 101 factors that plague a great many musicians working in a home based studio environment.  Every moment I spend recording/producing big steps are being made – I don’t want to rush right now because things are going so well… they are just taking a little long than I expected but I can live with that if it means I get this right.”

Having this little extra time will mean there will be more new songs on the album & some of the older songs will get a better production making them that bit more special.

Additional song for the album – “Lets Get Funky” 2012 version of the original song written more than 15 years ago (at age 21).
Lets Get Funky

“To everyone out there who has been waiting for the album release I would like to apologize for the delay & say how grateful I am particularly for how supportive & patient everyone has been – it means a lot & I do not take this for granted.”

Over the coming weeks up to Christmas there will be more previews as well as showcasing the long awaited “My Little Girl” video on YouTube which will lead up to the album release.

So… stay tuned & thanks again to everyone for their patients.

Past 2 PRESENT… Finally Here!

This November the long awaited AORPETE Debut Album “Past 2 PRESENT” will finally be released.
The album is completely non-profit in aid of the NORSACA charity.
(Nottinghamshire based charity that helps children & adults with autism)

The album will feature a number of powerful brand new songs including:

“I Just Want To Say”
“Lost & Found”
“When Darkness Falls”

Already confirmed tracks that will be featured on the album include:

“Pandora’s Box” (Remastered)
“My Little Girl” (Remastered)
“Mysteries Forever Today”

Official artwork for the powerful & dramatic ‘Dream Theater’ influenced new song “When Darkness Falls” (c) AORPETE 2012
Click the picture for a sneak preview!

Collaboration Tracks featured on the album will include:

“Build The Stars”                                   Award winning collaboration with MOAM
“Say What You Want” (Remastered)       Award winning collaboration with Jennae
“Solar Eclipse”                                          Powerful instrumental with Tim Sanders
“Blue Night”                                                                               with Octadelica
“Love Is A Weakness”                                                                    with Sedasia
“Eternal Night”                                                                                with MOAM

The official release date will be Friday 30th November & the Album will be available on CD or download through ReverbNation, itunes, Amazon & most other major retail outlets.


“I Just Want To Say”… Artwork & Lyrics…


Looking through the glass in the window
I see you there & I hope that you see me to
When I see the smile on your face &
I Know how you feel for me
I know how I feel for you

I just wanna say…
The things that are happening today…
An I just wanna know…
An I just wanna say…

Late at night when I am trying to sleep &
I feel you next to me
You know that I am next to you
When I see the dark of the night &
I know that your there for me
I know that I’m here for you

I just wanna say…
The things that are happening today…
An I just wanna know…
An I just wanna say…

Many times when I’m walking alone &
I feel you next to me
You feel that I’m next to you
When I see the shine in your eyes &
I Know how you feel for me
I know how I feel for you

I just wanna say…
The things that are happening today…
An I just wanna know…
An I just wanna say…


The full version of the song is still being worked on but here is a short ‘up-close & personal’ acoustic video from AORPETE’s YouTube page.

Special thanks to AORPETE’s friend Brooke Morgan who is featured in the artwork.

Music, Artwork & Lyrics by AORPETE

Creative Commons License
I Just Want To Say by AORPETE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


Welcome to AORPETE.com,

Work still continues on the “Past 2 PRESENT” album with the first of the new songs “I just want to say” near to completion.

The song is based on the loss of a loved one & the emotions faced during such a difficult time. It follows an imaginary perspective view point of how two lovers still care for each other (beyond the grave) & the thoughts/emotions they feel even though they are worlds apart. Both can sense each others presence as the one (portrayed as a ghost) watches over the other, unable to reach out or be part of the physical world. 

'I Just Want To Say' by AORPETE

Also… due for release is the new “My Little Girl” video – a full performance of the song written for AORPETE’s youngest daughter Lia.

AORPETE's new upcoming 'My Little Girl' video

More music & videos on the way plus the official album release date so make sure you stay tuned!